Special Projects

Every Special Project is unique to your specific cargo needs and require competent logistical knowledge and skills to coordinate it successfully. Patriot also has the expertise you require to meet your contractual obligations, mitigate risk and remain compliant with all Customs jurisdictions worldwide. Our employees will evaluate your complete needs and propose a comprehensive plan to achieving your special project. You deserve a customized logistics solution that is tailored for you and your Special Project.

Our Special Projects service provides:

  • Pre-shipment evaluation of potential risks;
  • Transport Route and Port surveys;
  • Coordination of Proper Packaging Components;
  • Shipping and Customs Document Handling;
  • Carrier Compliance & Selection;
  • Global Representation;
  • Insurance Due-Diligence;
  • Shipping Option Analysis of all transport modes (Truck, Rail, Air and Ocean).

Contact Us for your Special Projects today, just as many other shippers in the Chemicals & Explosives, Metals & Mining, Energy, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors have in the last 15 years. Patriot provides shippers with Services and Additional Services that compliment your Global Transportation Solutions.

Facilitate your Complex Project with a Trusted Source, the Patriot Advantage.